3 reviews for Goat 23 Varsity Jacket

  1. Marvin Henry

    My 23 Goat varsity jacket is a total head-turner. The red and white color combo pops and the varsity style feels fresh and modern. The wool is like a cozy hug, perfect for those crisp fall evenings. The patches are well-stitched and add a touch of personality. This jacket is a win for both comfort and style!

  2. Julia Audibert

    My new 23 Goat jacket is a total score! It’s the perfect blend of classic varsity vibes and a modern edge. The red and white stand out, and the wool keeps me toasty on chilly days. The fit is great, and the patches are a nice conversation starter. This jacket makes a statement!

  3. Armin Gembruch

    Finally found a varsity jacket that’s unique and stylish! This 23 Goat one hits the spot. The wool is super soft and comfy, perfect for everyday wear. The red and white color scheme is classic, and the patches add a cool detail. It keeps me warm and shows off my love for a unique style. Recommend checking this one out!

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23-goat-varsity-jacket Goat 23 Varsity Jacket


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