3 reviews for Carrots Arlington Heights Green and Brown Varsity Jacket

  1. John Brobeck

    Came across this Carrots varsity jacket while browsing online, and it caught my eye! The unique design and vibrant colors are just my style. Worried about sizing, but it fits perfectly. Excited to showcase this standout piece!

  2. Steve Martin

    Found this Carrots varsity jacket at the Sports Jackets and it’s a standout! The bold pattern and vibrant colors drew me in. Worried about sizing, but it fits like a dream. Can’t wait to show off this stylish find!

  3. Peter Woodman

    Received this Carrots varsity jacket as a gift, and it’s a hit! The attractive design and comfy fit make it a standout in my wardrobe. Perfect sizing adds to the appeal. Ready to rock this look with confidence!

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