3 reviews for FUBU Varsity College Jacket

  1. Dwayne Bennett

    This Fubu jacket is a major throwback! Love the old-school vibe and the bold colors. It’s comfy and warm, perfect for those casual weekend outings. Definitely a head-turner!

  2. Jordan Pearce

    Score! This Fubu jacket is a total win. Great quality, the material feels amazing, and the fit is just right. Been wanting a classic Fubu jacket for ages, so happy I finally got it!

  3. Andres Velez

    This jacket brings back so many memories! The Fubu logo is iconic and the jacket itself is super stylish. A little pricey, but it’s a true 90s gem. Wearing it makes me feel young again!

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fubu-varsity-jacket FUBU Varsity College Jacket


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