3 reviews for Givenchy Logo Varsity Jacket

  1. John Ganske

    Never thought I’d own a designer jacket, but this Givenchy is amazing. The quality is incredible and the details are on point. Feeling fancy every time I wear it!

  2. WilsonJohn

    I wasn’t sure about the Givenchy Letterman jacket at first, but it’s actually really grown on me. The leather feels buttery soft, and the wool keeps me warm. It’s definitely on the dressier side for a letterman jacket, but I love it.

  3. Kevin Huber

    This Givenchy jacket is a dream come true for me. I like the black and wool blend, it is so luxurious, and the leather sleeves add a cool touch. It’s a statement piece for sure, and the fit is spot-on.

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givenchy-letterman-jacket Givenchy Logo Varsity Jacket


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