3 reviews for Palm Angels Teddy Bear Green Letterman Jacket

  1. Lee Bradley

    This Palm Angels jacket is a total vibe! The green and white are like a fresh coat of paint, love the clean look. It’s lightweight but surprisingly warm, perfect for those in-between weather days. Stands out from the crowd, feels like a unique find.

  2. Robert Peck

    It’s like wearing a piece of street art. The design is so cool, love the mix of varsity style and the edgy Palm Angels logo. Plus, it’s really comfy, feels great for casual outings. Definitely worth the wait to finally snag one!

  3. Doug MacGregor

    This jacket is a head-turner for sure! The Palm Angels logo is like a conversation starter, everyone wants to know about it. The green and white colorway is bold and unexpected, feels super fresh. A bit on the pricier side, but the quality is amazing. Definitely a statement piece for any fashion-forward person.

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